The 9th Annual Concert for Autism – The Tack Room Tavern, Indio, CA

Friday -
6:00 PM
The Tack Room Tavern
Indio, CA


1. I Told You So

2. Weight the-real-main-flyer

3. Cynic

4. Opportunities

5. The Light

6. Make It Right

7. Round Room

8. Bad Radio

Taking part in the 9th Annual Concert for Autism: House of Broken Promises, Machin', You Know Who, Throw the Goat, The Hellions, The Sweat Act, Waxy, The Flusters, 5th Town, Caxton, Sun(D)rug, Basson, Michael Keeth, Lance Riebsomer, Courtney Chambers, Giselle Woo, Rob Lawrence, Zach Huskey, Esjay Jones, Rick Shelley, Sugarbritches & Taffolla, Johnny Elsewhere and Mike Sick Boy.

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